Full-service graphic design studio committed to personal attention and meaningful results.


Creative Concepts, Inc. is a full-service graphic design studio committed to personal attention and meaningful results. Whether designing your corporate identity, marketing programs, social, high level presentations, or event displays — we'll help you make the kind of connection with your audience that builds business, brand loyalty, and excitement.

Unencumbered by large-agency process, we're able to meet your tight deadlines and provide real value. We're a "make it happen" company with a talented, inspired design team, delivering nothing less than excellence in creative expression.


Kristin McDonald

Nickname: SuperK
Expertise: Juggling 40 flaming batons while tiptoeing across a pit of alligators... singing.
Bio: Founder, Creative Director and part time spouse of Creative Concepts. The planets aligned many moons ago and I took the leap to escape the confines of the corporate world and launch my own agency. I count myself among the fortunate few who have the privilege of working with supremely talented team members, clients, and colleagues.
Favorite color: Red
Favorite font: Today's favorite is… Wild Mango!
Likes: Lazy weekend mornings, red wine, the beach, and a serious addiction to shoes.
Quote: "Only the good die young."

Cheryl Desjardin

Nickname: Sunshine
Expertise: Able to leap tall buildings…while smiling
Bio: I’m a classically trained designer, schooled in the art of fine design and communication arts with an appreciation of the power of digital tools. I’m innately curious and find wonder and inspiration in nature, art, music and other humans. Creativity makes my heart tick and my brain soar. Expressing and sharing the tick and soar is like breathing to me.
Favorite color: Verdigris
Favorite font: It would be too difficult to choose only one font even if I were stranded on a desert island.
Likes: Art, music, family, friends, all creatures, cooking, photography and Jane Goodall.
Quote: Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.

Karen Tucker

Nickname: Kat
Expertise: I excel at sarcasm.
Bio: I am a born and bred Vermonter but a California girl at heart. I can't get enough of summer and absolutely live on the wrong coast. My pets are family and I love them dearly.
Favorite Color: "Haven't The Foggiest" by OPI.
Favorite Typeface: Adelle
Likes: All creatures great and small, shoes, live music, summer sunshine, running, reading and all things sparkly.
Favorite Quote: "Be the person your dog thinks you are." — Anonymous

Kristen LePage

Nickname: Giggles
Expertise: Project management, budgeting, accounting.
Bio: I'm just a small town girl living in Maine. I'll always enjoy peace and quiet on a lake over going to a big city. A simple and fun adventure to look back on is my goal. I work hard so I have the freedom to enjoy my life. Freedom to travel, to learn and grow and to capture each moment on my D70.
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Typeface: Comic Sans (because no one likes it)
Likes: Cooking, photography, traveling, concerts, classic rock, nature, animals, camping, fishing
Favorite Quote: "When you stop doing things for fun you might as well be dead." — Ernest Hemingway

Laura Flynn

Nickname: Work Horse
Expertise: Print design/production
Bio: Throughout my career I've worked as a freelancer and at various in-house marketing departments. Then in late 2005, I joined the CCI team and have never looked back!
Favorite color: Lime green
Favorite font: Can't pick just one!
Likes: Learning to horseback ride, puzzles of any kind, and chocolate
Quote: "You've got one life to LOVE what you do."

Linda Malcomb

Nickname: Magician

Expertise: Photoshop and Illustrator
Bio: I started in graphic design before computers. I have ridden the waves of hardware and software evolution, and the various styles and trends of the cultural shifts and am constantly inspired and thrilled when a visual surprises me or makes me feel something.
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite font: Whatever amplifies the feeling or message of the design.
Likes: Animals, yoga, learning, growing, loving, creating
Quote: "Would you rather be right or happy..."


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